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High performance cooling solutions for: IGBTs, electrical machines and cabinets.
Our systems are based on the phase change of a fluid
to offer optimized solutions, without electricity consumption and without maintenance;
they’re passive cooling solutions.

A thermosyphon is a phase change device capable to transfer the heat from one place to another, with an equivalent thermal conductance better than any other known element. They are usually referred as heat superconductors due to his high capacity and rate of heat transfer. It is basically a sealed tube, inside which a fluid performs a phase change between two differentiated sections named as evaporator and condenser.

The heat is transmitted through the evaporator area, located in the lower part, where the working fluid is in the liquid phase. It becomes vapor by a boiling process, due to the heat flow. The vapor rises because of the difference densities, until it reaches the condenser area, located in the upper part. At this area, the vapor condenses yielding its latent heat and becoming liquid again, to drop down by gravity. This causes a circulation movement in the fluid called the “thermosyphon effect”.

It is a simple device, without moving parts, that can transfer large amounts of heat with maximum energy efficiency and with no external pumping power.

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